Nomi important product update – May 2024

nomi product update may 2024

We’re thrilled to unveil the newest enhancements and functionalities geared towards improving your experience. The dedication of our team has been focused on maintaining an intuitive software, fortified with security measures, and equipped with indispensable resources for enterprises across the board. Whether it’s streamlining invoicing processes or fortifying reporting capabilities, our latest upgrades are poised to elevate your accounting endeavours.


Bookkeeping Software

  1. Email Status on Sales Page: Incorporating email status on the Sales page of Nomi enhances transparency and communication efficiency. Users can swiftly track the delivery status of invoices, streamlining follow-ups and ensuring timely actions. With real-time updates indicating whether emails have been sent or failed. This feature fosters accountability, reduces the risk of overlooked emails, and empowers users to manage their sales pipeline more effectively. Ultimately, integrating email status on the Sales page enriches the user experience and strengthens client relationships.
  2. Bank Feed Status on Dashboard: Incorporating bank feed status and reauthorisation options directly onto Dashboard of Nomi enhances transparency and control. Users can instantly monitor the connection status of their bank feeds, ensuring uninterrupted access to real-time transactions data. By displaying clear indicators for “Active” or “Expired” feeds, the dashboard empowers users to promptly address any connectivity issues. Additionally, offering a streamlined reauthorisation process directly from dashboard simplifies maintenance tasks, reducing downtime and minimising manual intervention. This feature encourages users to stay informed, proactive, and in control of their banking integrations with ease.


Payroll Software

  1. Payment Summary Report: This report is useful for employers making manual payments to employees. Previously, employers had to check net pay on payslips and summaries. Now, we provide a report that shows the net pay for employees in the payment summary report.
  2. Attachment of Earnings (AOE) Report: This report helps employers check the total deduction of AOE for specific employees. Previously missing from our software, employers had to check payslips individually. Now, it helps employers see all employees’ deductions in one place.


Final Accounts Software

Improvement in ‘Capital Gain/Loss’ data presentation on CT computation for period  longer than 365 daysFor capital gain loss, the CT (Corporation Tax) computation previously segregated the entire amount across two CT periods if the accounting periods spanned more than 365 days. We have now implemented functionality that allows users to update capital gain/loss separately for each CT period.


  • Increased Flexibility: Users can now specify capital gain losses for each CT period individually, allowing for more precise and accurate tax reporting.
  • Improved Accuracy: By updating capital gain losses separately for each period, there is a reduction in errors that may arise from automatic segregation, leading to more accurate tax calculations.
  • Better Compliance: This change ensures compliance with tax regulations by accurately reflecting the capital gain losses within the correct accounting periods, avoiding potential issues with tax authorities.
  •  Enhanced User ControlUsers have greater control over their financial data and can adjust as needed, leading to more tailored financial management.
  • Simplified Reporting: This functionality simplifies the process for users, making it easier to manage and report capital gain losses without the need for complex calculations or adjustments.

Wrong Input Validation: Preventing User Errors We have introduced new validations on the CT adjustment page to prevent incorrect inputs that could lead to submission errors. These enhancements ensure that users cannot enter invalid data in CT600 boxes.


  • Reduced Submission Errors: By preventing incorrect data entries, the likelihood of submission errors is significantly minimised, leading to smoother and more reliable processes.
  • Improved User Experience: Users are guided to enter the correct data, reducing frustration and improving overall satisfaction with the system.
  • Increased Efficiency: With fewer errors to correct, both users and support teams can save time and effort, leading to more efficient workflows.
  • Data Accuracy: Ensuring only valid data is entered enhances the accuracy of the records, which is crucial for compliance and reporting.
  • Compliance Assurance: Validations help ensure that the data entered adheres to regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.

Input functionalities change of CT return boxes and validations for acceptable date formats – We have enhanced the input functionality of the CT600, CT600A, and CT600L forms to ensure the input fields operate correctly according to the specified requirements and validations for acceptable date formats.


  • Input Functionality: Helps users enter correct values in boxes and reduces the likelihood of user errors by enforcing the correct format as they type.
  • Standardise Date Format Input: Ensure that date inputs follow a standardised format (e.g., YYYY-MM-DD).
  • Data Consistency: Ensures that all dates stored in the system adhere to the same format, maintaining data consistency across the system.
  • Reduced Errors: Standardising formats and implementing robust validation significantly reduce the chances of incorrect date entries.


These May 2024 updates enhance Nomi’s user experience and accounting accuracy. Key features include real-time email/bank feed statuses, new payroll reports, improved capital gain/loss handling, and robust input validations. We’re committed to improving Nomi’s functionality based on user feedback. Please share suggestions at [email protected]. Stay tuned for more exciting Nomi developments!

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