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Bookkeeping & VAT Software
Streamline your financial transactions and stay VAT compliant effortlessly with our bookkeeping & VAT software designed specifically for accountants.
Payroll, CIS & Pension Software
Simplify your payroll processes, manage Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) deductions, and handle pensions efficiently with Nomi's payroll, CIS & pension software module.
Final Accounts & Corporation Tax Software
Automate the preparation of final accounts and corporation tax returns with our sophisticated software for accountants, allowing you more time to focus on your clients.
Self-Assessment & Partnership Tax Software
Our self-assessment & partnership tax software module helps accountants manage tax return processes for individuals and partnerships effectively and accurately.
Practice Management Software
Manage your accounting practice smoothly and efficiently with our robust practice management software. Keep track of deadlines, manage staff tasks, and gain valuable insights through detailed reports.
CRM Software
Build and nurture client relationships effectively with Nomi's CRM software. Manage client information, track interactions, and improve client service all within a single platform.
Onboarding Software
Streamline your client onboarding process with our dedicated software module. Easily handle data gathering, KYC checks, and automate the creation of client contracts.
Company Secretarial Software
Our company secretarial software simplifies the management of company records and filings, making corporate governance a breeze. Save time, ensure compliance, and manage your clients' corporate secretarial needs efficiently.

Who we work with

Are you an...

accountant or bookkeeper in practice?

Scale with Confidence: Nomi is designed to adapt to the needs of practices of all sizes. Our pay-as-you-grow pricing model ensures that our cutting-edge accounting software is within reach for startups, while still delivering robust functionality for top-100 practices. Experience profitability from day one, without the burden of high upfront costs. Our pricing model is structured for affordability and flexibility, allowing you to focus on nurturing your practice and building client relationships.
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Are you a...

business owner?

Running a business often means juggling numerous administrative tasks, but Nomi lightens the load. Our comprehensive accounting software empowers you to confidently manage your business finances, streamline your operations, and reclaim time for revenue-enhancing activities. With Nomi, managing finances becomes a streamlined, user-friendly process designed to amplify your productivity. Say farewell to administrative hassles and welcome a new era of growth and opportunity for your business.
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Our integrations

We collaborate with industry titans. At Nomi, we proudly partner with some of the world’s leading companies to deliver ground-breaking solutions to frequent challenges faced by accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners. Our commitment to innovation and collaboration is transforming the way finance professionals navigate their workflows, providing them with smarter, more efficient tools for success.

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Practice management

Practice management software for accountants & bookkeepers


At Nomi, we believe efficient practice management is key to a thriving accounting practice. So, we’ve integrated robust practice management tools into every Nomi package, offering exceptional value without additional costs. Our comprehensive software empowers you to effortlessly oversee staff workloads, allocate tasks, track progress, and automate deadline reminders. By simplifying your operational processes, we help you concentrate on the work that matters. Make Nomi the core of your practice management and experience a world of streamlined operations and heightened success.

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Bookkeeping & VAT

Bookkeeping software for bookkeepers & accountants

£6.00 per business, per month

Nomi’s cloud-based accounting software is meticulously engineered to bolster accountants and bookkeepers, empowering them to deliver excellent services to their clients. Our robust platform simplifies bookkeeping operations, enabling businesses to manage their finances effectively, make well-informed decisions, and foster profitable growth. Nomi promotes seamless collaboration between business owners, accountants, and bookkeepers, ensuring efficient communication and optimised workflows. What’s more, our comprehensive monthly fee encapsulates integrated final accounts, corporation tax, and self-assessment submissions, presenting a holistic, cost-efficient solution for your practice. Join hands with Nomi and stride towards success.

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Mobile application

Mobile application

Experience the flexibility of running your entire operation from your pocket with Nomi's mobile app. Invoice clients, follow-up on payments, capture receipt images, and much more. Our app is readily available for both Apple and Android devices.
Bank feeds

Bank integration

Simplify your bookkeeping by integrating Nomi with your bank account. This feature enables daily transaction imports, making bank reconciliations quicker and more efficient with our bank rules functionality.

VAT MTD compliance

As an MTD compliant solution, Nomi allows you to directly submit VAT returns to HMRC from within the platform. It's as simple as performing your bookkeeping, reviewing the VAT return, and hitting submit.
Receipt Capture & OCR

Receipt capture and OCR

Utilise our mobile app to capture images of receipts, which are then processed by our optical character recognition software. This information is automatically uploaded to Nomi for easy bookkeeping. Consider it your digital assistant, always ready to help.
Bookkeeping Software 1
Bookkeeping Software 2
Self assessment & partnership tax

Self-assessment & partnership tax software for accountants & bookkeepers

From £2.50 per submission

Nomi’s cloud-based accounting software represents the pinnacle solution for self-assessment and partnership tax preparation in the UK. Our feature-rich software encompasses practice management tools specifically devised to simplify staff management, task allocation, and workflow orchestration. By innovating traditional practice procedures, we’ve significantly enhanced the self-assessment production process. Our software expertly streamlines data collection, input, filing, and client communication, offering an all-inclusive, end-to-end solution. With Nomi, you can bid farewell to the complexities of tax preparation and embrace streamlined, efficient workflows.

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Self-Assessment Software Dashboard and Mobile App
Final accounts & corporation tax

Final accounts & corporation tax software for accountants & bookkeepers

£2.50 per submission

Take control of final accounts and corporation tax returns with Nomi’s sophisticated accounting software, designed with professionals in mind. Our solution automates the generation of year-end accounts from bookkeeping entries. By carrying out bookkeeping within Nomi, your final accounts and corporation tax return are automatically produced and ready for review. This substantially streamlines the entire process, allowing you to concentrate on strategic growth and client relationship building. Moreover, our versatile software can also function as a standalone module, enabling a seamless upload of a trial balance from any other accounting platform. Experience the future of accounting workflows and straightforward tax filing with Nomi.

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Automated Final Accounts Production

Nomi's intelligent software automates the production of final accounts from your bookkeeping entries. Just by carrying out your bookkeeping within Nomi, you'll have the final accounts and corporation tax return generated automatically, ready for review, enabling a hassle-free and streamlined procedure.

Direct Filing with HMRC and Companies House

No need to juggle multiple platforms. With Nomi, you can file accounts directly to HMRC and Companies House. This seamless process is integrated into our software, saving you time and simplifying the process of year-end filing.

Amendment Made Easy

Nomi’s system lets you make amendments to accounts and tax returns effortlessly. Changes are instantly synchronized across all files, thanks to data integration between modules. This means any modification you make is instantly reflected, eliminating the need to manually update multiple files.

Payroll software for accountants, bookkeepers & payroll bureaux

£3.00 per business, per month

Experience the ultimate in payroll management with Nomi’s feature-rich payroll software for accountants. From effortlessly submitting EPS, FPS, and P11D forms to HMRC, to directly filing pensions with renowned providers, our software makes payroll hassle-free. Offer your clients a bespoke employee payslip portal, and manage director-only payroll with complete automation. Streamline the process of annual leave and expense approval, all from our intuitive mobile app. Nomi’s cloud-based platform is not just about increasing efficiency, it’s about enhancing the collaboration with your clients and giving them greater control over their financial affairs. Reduce your administrative tasks and elevate your practice to new heights with Nomi.

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Nomi Payroll Dashboard containing all action buttons and a table of all staff and their pay details.
Payroll Software

Automated Payroll Software

Nomi's automated payroll is ideal for director-only submissions. Set your yearly pay schedule, activate the automation, and Nomi will take care of filing the FPS/EPS, posting journals to bookkeeping, distributing payslips to employees, and sending the employer's summary to the primary contact.
Payslip Portals

Employee Payslip Portals

Nomi offers the ultimate tool for employer and employee self-service. Via our mobile app or web application, employers and employees can easily access and download payslips, P60s, and P45s, as well as conveniently access essential reports.
Tax Code Downloads

Bulk Tax Code Downloads

With Nomi, you can download tax codes for all your clients from HMRC with just one click. Review and apply updated tax codes in bulk, sparing you hours of tedious admin work and eliminating the wait for paper notices.
CRM & onboarding

CRM & onboarding software for accountants & bookkeepers

£19.00 per user, per month

Unleash the power of effective client management with Nomi’s specialized CRM software for accountants. Our intuitive setup gets you operational in under half an hour, while the inbuilt pricing matrix simplifies quote generation. Create comprehensive engagement letters with just a single click and streamline your client onboarding with our seamless eSignature integration. From first contact to final signature, our CRM provides a seamless journey that accountants and bookkeepers across the UK swear by. Embrace Nomi today, and experience an elevated level of practice management.

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Lead Management

Effortlessly track all your leads, their sources, and latest activities. Utilize Nomi's built-in functionality to send mass emails and SMS, nurturing your leads effectively to boost your conversion rates.

Value-based pricing

Leverage our preset value-based pricing system, which is fully customizable to suit your practice. Our menu pricing system and pricing drivers enable you to provide personalized quotes for leads and clients, reflecting your unique service value.

End-to-end onboarding

With Nomi, you get an end-to-end onboarding experience, including digital AML checks, 64-8 agent authorization, professional clearance, compliance data gathering, and software profile setup. Minimize onboarding time and errors, improving client satisfaction from the very start.

Efficient Client management

Nomi is designed specifically for accounting practices, pre-built with all the data fields you could need for client management. From an AML history for compliance requirements to a client portal for easy communication, and an email and SMS timeline for tracking interactions, Nomi delivers an all-encompassing client management solution.
Optional module

Company secretarial

£0.30 per business, per month

Our Company Secretarial Software, an optional add-on to Nomi CRM, provides a seamless sync with Companies House, ensuring your company data is always up-to-date. With this feature, you can:

  • Incorporate New Limited Companies: Simplify the process of setting up new companies with a streamlined incorporation feature.
  • File Confirmation Statements: Keep statutory information current by efficiently filing confirmation statements.
  • Manage Officer Records: Easily track and update officer appointments and terminations, ensuring your records are always accurate.
  • Manage Shareholder Registers: Maintain updated shareholder registers with hassle-free management features.
  • Produce Statutory Documents: Generate the necessary statutory documents with ease.
  • Manage Workflow, Deadlines & Tasks: Keep on top of your practice operations with task, deadline, and workflow management capabilities integrated within the software.

Simplify your secretarial responsibilities with our comprehensive Company Secretarial Software. Get more done in less time and with less stress.

What our customers think

Lina @ Money Valley UK
Brilliant software for Self Assessment. I have been working in tax for 16 years. Nomi is great for accountancy firms as the cost is very low in comparison with functionality. It beats IRIS or Tax Calc in my personal opinion!
Ken James
An excellent accounting software providing a complete end to end package. Everything is integrated saving time. Whenever I have had an issue, the support has been outstanding (and patient!). Being constantly updated to offer improvements and actively listen to the feedback from their users. Could not be happier.
I've been using Nomi Practice Suite Software for a year now and I would say it's a good software. But it has only one drawback which is lack of direct integration with Dext/Receipt Bank and HubDoc.. Overall this is great software.
Raj Rudran @ AGS Ltd
Nomi support team is truly outstanding. Having experienced "support" from various 3rd party software support teams in the past, Nomi is a breath of fresh air. They were easy to access, patiently walked through the process and above all proactively checked our HMRC submission results. In fact, our submission failed due to some technical incompatibility. Before we even noticed, Nomi called and corrected the problem. Very good service indeed.
Janine Hanson
Great software, delivers exactly wheat it says it can do! Really good support- either email or phone....
I love the fact I'm able to manage my entire business from my phone. I create and send sales invoices to my customers on site and send them instantly using WhatsApp. Then for my accountant, I upload pictures of all of my receipts which is so easy to do!
Big thank you to Anchit at Nomi! Sorted my VAT problems out - all of my own doing. The team are really great and so helpful.
Dean Hodges @ BrandMeadow
Nomi is the backbone to my business. The software and service is second to none. Without Nomi my business would not be as successful.
Claire Cridland @ CLC Bookkeeping
One of the best companies to build real relationships with. The support is second to none and very inclusive of your needs. I've found the team to be able to help me with random needs that just don't exist anywhere else in a platform, I'm not saying they can do everything you want, but you can certainly ask! Nomi isn't like any platform I've seen so far to date, it's certainly quirky and futuristic, but you'll grow to love it as I do. Despite the current lack of integrations like you have with Xero, so far Nomi has won over some very stubborn sage clients of mine that have refused to move for years. I am looking forward to continuing to grow my practice alongside this wonderful company!
Joshua Lockwood
Originally started using this software just as a test to compare against the current software I was using. I will now be using this software going forward for all of my clients. The few problems I have had, have been resolved in a very quick manner of time through the team at nomi. I am very impressed, to say the least, the new self-assessment layout is amazing as well. Highly recommended.
Kathryn Barker @ Horridge & Lever
We feel at Horridge and Lever we have 'grown' with the software, using it now for 18 months and love the fact that all modules are under the 'one roof', as it were. The customer service is great, generally, everything gets resolved in less than 2 days and they always acknowledge your query and come back to you taking on board any new suggestions or ideas too. We look forward to continuing to work with Nomi and all the new features it will have to offer.
Tax Care Accountancy Services
I am a subscriber of Nomi for almost three years now. I like its vision of a complete digital practice with all integrated modules in one place. It is getting more and more powerful each year by integrating all the advanced technologies available to fulfil that vision. The support is great. Soon it will be the No1 cloud software for Accountants in the UK
Justyna Nascimento
Nomi is a good, cost-efficient comprehensive accounting system. It works well for me. Apart from fundamental accounting tools, there are lots of additional features to explore too. The software developing team works hard on making the software outstanding. The technical support is efficient, they respond immediately and are always happy to seek solutions for me. Good job!
Jonathan Davies @ Davies-Burrell & Co
Nomi is quite simply the best cloud accounting package I've seen or worked with. Everything you need is included where other packages have add-on modules. The support is second to none and the whole team is friendly, approachable and helpful. It's a one-stop facility for accountants and I only wish I'd discovered sooner and saved myself time, hassle and money with other systems.
Malgorzata Tloczynska
We started using Nomi in April. It looks very professional and the support is more than helpful when it comes to sorting any technical issues. The program is advanced, modules 'talk' with each other and from what I know, owners are working hard to improve it even further. Worth exploring.
Ciprian Cojocaru
As an accountancy practice, we have used 4 different software before Nomi. They represent to us 'the change' to a more comprehensive financial software solution and how well they integrate all together to seamlessly transfer bookkeeping info for tax submission and dashboards for business financial analysis. Their initial setup support offered by Ash and Nive is priceless. They really make a difference!
Nayan Shah @ Orbique Ltd
Using Nomi has been a great experience as it has helped save time and got much more work done. The service is also good and would recommend other to use this application.
Amit Agarwal @ Outbooks
Have been using Nomi in Outbooks for over two years and cant say enough good things about them. Very proactive, support is great and their vision of single product for accountancy practice is ever so close.
Lighthouse Accountancy Services
Brilliant software with CRM and Accountancy software all in one place. Nomi support staff really helpful. Highly recommend!
Samantha Dakin @ Dakin & Co
The help and training our account manager Ash has given us is out of this world, nothing it too much trouble for this guy and he comes back with timely helpful responses. We have only been using the software for a month but so far so good!
Libby Duffield
I like the fact that everything is all under one roof, so to speak. Having a separate bookkeeping package, payroll and then accounts submission package is messy. I wish I had known about Nomi two years ago when I first started my practice.
Farhan Butt
Nive Raj at Nomi was really helpfully in resolving my queries relating to payroll, she had the best follow up attitude and took my queries through to resolution. I was very impressed!
High 5 Bookkeeping
Brilliant software and excellent support. Highly recommended.
Julie Holland
I'm new to Nomi, so a quick Zoom call with Sujay helped me understand what I want to do. Very helpful and friendly.
John Worrall
I am a relatively new user of Nomi and have nothing but the highest praise for my contact there, Ash Hall, who has been extremely helpful and to say beyond the call of duty is not an exaggeration.
Daniel Dumitru
Easy and useful. Nomi one of the best Accounting Software on the market. Thank you guys you did a great job. :)
Luca Mancini
Lots of features, unexpensive and flexible, great customer support
Raj Thiru
The best customer support service at present. Keep up the good work. Thank you Ash
Agnieszkatax Ltd
The best Software on the market and great customer services.

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