Streamlined Client Management with Nomi Practice Management

With Nomi Practice Management Software, client onboarding is simple and intuitive. We cater to all client types – from limited companies to sole traders and partnerships. Our platform allows you to select and assign the required services for each client, ensuring a tailored approach to every business.

Embrace Smooth Client Onboarding

  • Support for all types of businesses including LTD, LLP, PLC, sole traders, and partnerships
  • Tailor the services to each client’s specific needs within their unique client profile
  • Create and assign login credentials for your clients, giving them access to their own profile for transparency and ease
  • Invite your clients to download our dedicated apps for bookkeeping, payroll, and self-assessment at no additional cost
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Seamless Task Management and Deadline Tracking

Nomi Practice Management Software keeps you on top of your tasks and deadlines without any hassle. Simply add your client details and our system will automatically generate deadlines and assign them as tasks. Moreover, adding and assigning tasks to staff members is uncomplicated and efficient.

Stay Ahead with Smart Task Management

  • Deadlines are automatically generated and added as tasks when you add your client details
  • Add unlimited staff members without any extra cost, promoting collaboration and efficiency
  • Assign tasks to individual staff members, allowing them to update task statuses and progress
  • Enhance communication with built-in email functionality for each staff member
  • Once compliance tasks such as final accounts are filed, the task is automatically marked as complete and the next one generated, ensuring you never miss a deadline
Nomi Task Management Software

Complete Client Deadline Management

Now Nomi Practice Management Software lets you manage the deadlines of clients who use other software packages. This ensures all your client management needs are consolidated in one place, irrespective of the software your clients use.

Expanding Compatibility, Enhancing Control

  • Extended management feature to include deadlines of clients using other software packages
  • Consolidate all your client management needs, regardless of your clients’ software preferences
Nomi Task Management Software

Automate Record Requests

No more chasing clients for records. Nomi now features automated record requests based on deadline triggers, ensuring you receive client data on time, every time.

Simplified Record Collection

  • Automated record requests triggered by deadlines
  • Eliminate the hassle of manually chasing clients for records
Nomi Payroll Software

Enhanced Email Integration

We’ve integrated OAuth2 email with Gmail and Office365 to streamline your communication within Nomi. Now, coordinating with clients and staff has never been easier!

Seamless Communication

  • OAuth2 email integration with Gmail and Office365
  • Streamlined communication with clients and staff from within Nomi
Nomi Email Management

Streamline Your Bookkeeping with Dext Prepare Integration

Make your bookkeeping process more efficient with Dext Prepare integration. Pull through receipt and sale invoice data in Nomi bookkeeping, saving you time and reducing manual entry.

Simplified Bookkeeping

  • Dext Prepare integration for efficient bookkeeping
  • Pull through receipt and sale invoice data into Nomi bookkeeping
Nomi and Dext Integrates

Fee Protector - Your Guard Against Scope Creep

We’re introducing the ‘Fee Protector’, a notification-based system designed to eliminate scope creep completely. Now, keep your project on track and within budget without any surprises.

Keep Scope Creep in Check

  • New notification-based system, ‘Fee Protector’
  • Designed to eliminate scope creep, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.
Nomi Staff Management

Practice management pricing

There’s not often something that’s free in life. However, our practice management offering is. It’s the beating heart at the centre of everything Nomi has to offer and vital in our unique interconnected software offering. Take control of your practice with our free practice management solution.

Free trial
  • No hidden, post-sign-up fees
  • Integrate your email provider
  • Automatically generated deadlines
  • Unlimited staff users, no extra cost
  • Scale your practice to new heights!

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