Comprehensive Dashboard for Year End Accounts and Confirmation Statement (CS01) Filings

Stay on top of your filing obligations with Nomi’s comprehensive Dashboard. View upcoming deadlines for accounts and confirmation statements for different companies due within the next 30 days and more through Deadline Reports, ensuring timely compliance to avoid penalties. Track the total filings made over the past month briefly.

  • View upcoming 30-day deadlines for accounts/confirmation statements.
  • Track total filings made in last 30 days.
  • Check accounts and Confirmation Statement (CS01) deadlines to avoid penalties.
  • Ensure timely compliance with statutory filing requirements.
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Incorporate Companies and LLPs Easily with Company Secretarial Software

Our software simplifies company and LLP incorporation. Search the Name and enter details like SIC code, address and we’ll check availability. Appoint officers, allocate shares, and use customisable articles of association templates to tailor your setup. The process is streamlined for hassle-free incorporation.

  • Search Name and select SIC Code.
  • Add officers, allocate shares seamlessly.
  • Use customisable articles of association.
  • Streamlined incorporation for companies, LLPs.
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Automated Confirmation Statement Filing and Invoices

Streamline your Confirmation Statement (CS01) filing process with our automated solution. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually submitting the same CS01 forms repeatedly. Our software reconciles the information from Companies House and intelligently populates the required information, ensuring accuracy and consistency and files the confirmation statement automatically in case of no changes. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly file Confirmation Statements CS01s, saving you valuable time and effort.

  • Automated Confirmation Statement (CS01) filing, no manual submission required.
  • Intelligent data population, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Time-saving solution, effortless filing with few clicks.
  • Increased efficiency, freeing up valuable time and effort.


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Company Secretarial Pricing

Streamline company compliance effortlessly. Nomi’s company secretarial software is just £0.30 per business monthly as part of our CRM software.

Note: To use the company secretarial features, users must purchase the CRM license, which costs £19 + VAT per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Company Secretarial Software?
    Company Secretarial Software helps manage statutory compliance tasks like incorporating companies, filing annual returns, updating officer/shareholder records, and generating statutory documents. It streamlines these processes for accountants and businesses.
  • How does it simplify company incorporation?
    The software guides you through the incorporation process step-by-step. Enter basic details, and it checks company name availability, allows appointing officers/allocating shares, and generates incorporation documents automatically.
  • How does it help with filing annual returns Confirmation Statement (CS01)?
    The software pre-populates CS01 forms with up-to-date company information. You can review, make changes if needed, and submit the filing with just a few clicks.
  • Can it manage officer and shareholder records?
    Yes, you can easily track and update officer appointments, resignations, and shareholder details within the software. All records are maintained in a centralised database.
  • What statutory documents can it generate?
    Common statutory documents like articles of association, share certificates, board minutes, and resolutions can be generated automatically using pre-built templates and your company data.
  • How does it help with deadlines and compliance?
    The software provides a dashboard displaying upcoming filing deadlines for accounts and annual returns. This ensures you never miss a compliance deadline and avoid penalties.
  • Can it integrate with accounting software?
    Yes, Nomi's Company Secretarial module integrates seamlessly with its accounting suite, allowing seamless data flow and avoiding duplicate entries across different systems.