Starting with Nomi is a Breeze

At Nomi, we prioritise ease-of-use and a seamless start for all our users. You can import your existing client list and their employees directly into the Nomi platform using CSV files. This is not only quick and easy, but we’re also here to help if you encounter any issues.

Quick and Efficient Bulk Imports

  • Effortlessly add companies and their employees in bulk
  • Add companies and employees quickly, either manually or via import
  • Seamlessly integrate employee opening balances from a P11 report
  • Enjoy automatic posting of journals to bookkeeping profiles
Nomi Payroll Software

Payroll Software Demonstration

Hello, discover how our Payroll Software Demo can revolutionise your processes and simplify your payroll management. Watch our video demonstration to witness firsthand how our software can enhance your accounting or bookkeeping practice. Delve into the features, user interface, and efficiency of our payroll, pensions, and CIS software. Experience the simplicity and time-saving capabilities that our solution provides. Click on the play button to view the demo video.

Payroll Software Demo
CIS Software Demo

CIS Management Software Demonstration

Hi, learn more about our CIS Management Software through an engaging video demonstration. Discover how our software streamlines processes, simplifies payroll, pensions, and CIS tasks for accountants and bookkeepers. Gain valuable insights into how our solution enhances efficiency and accuracy in managing CIS requirements. Explore the features and functionality of our software in action to see firsthand how it can benefit your operations.

Redefining Payroll Experience with Nomi

We’ve designed Nomi entirely from a practice’s perspective. You’ll immediately notice this, from navigation to extensive functionality, once you log in. That’s why we’re confident you’ll relish the experience of running payroll with Nomi, which users have hailed as the “most user-friendly software.”

Streamlined Features for an Effortless Payroll Process

  • Download and apply tax code notices in bulk across all clients swiftly
  • Review pay details prior to filing and make quick edits with ease
  • File EPS, FPS, pension and P11Ds directly from Nomi for added convenience
  • Send payslips to the employer or employees in bulk, saving time
  • Automatically posted journals to bookkeeping for seamless integration
Nomi Payroll Software

Contractor Management Simplified with CIS Functionality

Nomi provides a robust solution to efficiently manage CIS for contractors. From submitting subcontractor verification requests to keeping track of all subcontractor invoices and CIS deductions, we’ve got you covered.

All-Inclusive CIS Features at Your Fingertips

  • Submit subcontractor verification requests swiftly
  • Keep an organised track of all subcontractor invoices and CIS deductions
  • Generate subcontractor payslips, certificates, and CIS300 effortlessly
  • Link CIS deductions to offset against PAYE due in payroll for efficient management
  • Submit CIS returns directly to HMRC without leaving the platform
Nomi Payroll Software

Effortless Pension Management with Direct Filing

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual pension contributions. Nomi’s payroll software streamlines your operations, allowing you to file directly to leading UK pension providers such as Nest, Smart, NOW, The People’s Pension, Aviva, and Legal & General.

Streamlined Pension Contributions for Peace of Mind

  • File your pension contributions directly to major UK pension providers, ensuring accuracy and compliance
  • Save time and effort with our automated processes, freeing you to focus on what matters most
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pension contributions are managed correctly
  • Avoid the hassle of filing separately or managing multiple systems, with everything handled seamlessly through Nomi.
Nomi Payroll Software

More Benefits with Nomi Payroll – Because You Deserve The Best

Nomi Payroll goes beyond just processing salaries. It offers a multitude of features to make payroll management smooth, efficient, and convenient for everyone involved.

Get More with Nomi

  • Free payslip portal accessible via web browser and mobile app for employees to view their payslips anytime, anywhere
  • Comprehensive annual leave management for both part-time and full-time staff members
  • Access to free practice level management tools, allowing you to oversee clients and tasks effectively
  • Generate BACs payment files seamlessly for direct bank upload, saving you time and reducing manual errors
Nomi Payroll Software

What our partners say

We love our partners and the love is reciprocated in the feedback we receive, just see for yourself.

"Nomi is quite simply the best cloud accounting package I've seen or worked with. Everything you need is included where other packages have add-on modules. The support is second to none and the whole team is friendly, approachable and helpful. It's a one-stop facility for accountants and I only wish I'd discovered sooner and saved myself time, hassle and money with other systems." Jon Davies, Davies-Burrell & Co
"One of the best companies to build real relationships with. The support is second to none and very inclusive to your needs. I've found the team to be able to help me with random needs that just don't exist anywhere else in a platform, I'm not saying they can do everything you want, but you can certainly ask! Nomi isn't like any platform I've seen so far to date, it's certainly quirky and futuristic, but you'll grow to love it as I do. Despite the current lack of integrations like you have with Xero, so far Nomi has won over some very stubborn sage clients of mine that have refused to move for years. I am looking forward to continuing to grow my practice alongside this wonderful company!" Claire Cridland, CLC Bookkeeping
"We feel at Horridge and Lever we have 'grown' with the software, using it now for 18 months and love the fact that all modules are under the 'one roof', as it were. The customer service is great, generally, everything gets resolved in less than 2 days and they always acknowledge your query and come back to you taking on board any new suggestions or ideas too. We look forward to continuing to work with Nomi and all the new features it will have to offer." Kathryn Barker, Horridge & Lever
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Payroll pricing

There’s no minimum number of clients, just pay as you grow. Allowing you to operate a profitable practice from client number one, without having to spend thousands when you’re just getting started. Additional fee of £0.50 per employee, per month for businesses with more than 10 employees.

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Per business, per month
  • Unlimited staff users
  • Pension included at no extra charge
  • CIS included at no extra charge
  • Unlimited payslip portals
  • Completely automated payroll
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It’s easy to start using Nomi

Simply register for a free 14-day trial today and a member of our team will be in touch to get you up and running.

“The best software on the market”

  • Start a free 14-day trial
  • Book a 1-to-1 demonstration
  • Sign up today and obtain a secret promotion
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