Generate the Leads

Our leading CRM software for accountants, is an essential tool in your lead generation strategy. This platform captures every detail of your leads, tracking their sources and recording their activities, thereby enabling a targeted and personalised follow-up. With Nomi, you’re not just tracking leads; you’re paving the way to meaningful business relationships.

  • Captures comprehensive lead details for precise targeting
  • Tracks lead sources to optimize your marketing strategies
  • Records lead activities for personalized follow-ups
  • Two-way email integration for a complete view of communications
  • Send one-way SMS for improved response rates
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Nomi CRM lead management, three KPIs showing how many new leads generated in last 30 days, how many have converted and what is the top lead source.

CRM software Demonstration

Hello, get ready to experience the power of our CRM software for accountants and bookkeepers through an engaging demonstration video. Witness firsthand how our software seamlessly integrates accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, CRM, final accounts, and self-assessments into one comprehensive system. Explore the user-friendly interface that simplifies your workflow and enhances productivity. Discover how our software streamlines your tasks, eliminates the need for multiple software solutions, and provides exceptional support. Watch the demo now to see how Nomi CRM transforms your accountancy practice with its integrated modules and efficient features.

CRM Software Demo

Create quotes & LOEs in minutes

Streamline your sales process with Nomi’s quote and LOE generation feature. Utilise our pre-built menu pricing system and value-based pricing matrix to craft accurate quotes quickly. Once approved, generate LOEs with a single click, saving you valuable time and ensuring accuracy.

  • Rapid quote generation with pre-built menu pricing system
  • Accurate pricing with value-based pricing matrix
  • Single-click LOE generation to speed up the sales process
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Nomi CRM quote process. Screens showing how to select services, how to produce a quote, and what the quote and letter of engagement looks like.

End-to-end onboarding process

Onboarding a new client has never been easier, thanks to Nomi’s CRM software for accountants. Conduct digital AML checks, professional clearances, compliance data gathering, and software profile setup all within one platform. With Nomi, you reduce errors and save an average of 3 hours per new client – that’s an incredible 720 hours per year if you’re onboarding 5 new clients per week!

  • Simplifies onboarding with an all-in-one platform
  • Send 64-8 agent authorisation requests direct to HMRC
  • Reduces errors and saves time through automation
  • Conducts digital AML checks and gathers compliance data swiftly
  • Generate and send letters of professional clearance
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Nomi CRM KYC software, showing various different people being approved, declined or shown as pending.

Maintain great client relationships

The strength of your client relationships is a key determinant of your practice’s success. Nomi’s CRM software ensures that maintaining these relationships is as efficient as possible. Through robust task management, automatic KYC checks, automated CS01, and our unique Fee Protector, we help you stay on top of your clients’ needs while making sure you are fairly compensated for your work.

  • Streamlines task management and ensures nothing slips through the cracks
  • Automates KYC checks and CS01 for improved compliance
  • Protects your fees with the unique Fee Protector feature
  • Use workflow emails to request records automatically
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Nomi CRM top features. Document storage with client portal. Timesheets. Tasks & deadlines. Automatic digital KYC and powerful lead generation and client deadline workflows.

CRM & onboarding pricing

Pricing you’ll love, simple and straightforward! There’s no minimum number of users, just pay as you grow. Digital AML checks are an optional extra and can be purchased within Nomi for just £2+VAT per submission.

Free trial
Per user, per month
  • Free client portals
  • Send unlimited SMS
  • Store unlimited leads
  • Store unlimited documents
  • Built for accountants & bookkeepers
  • Two-way email integration

What other accountants & bookkeepers are saying

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what a few existing Nomi users have to say about Nomi CRM.

Drishti Goyal
Managing a clientele of over 6000 individuals poses challenges in keeping track of their identification documents and KYC renewals, which occur every few years. Nomi has brilliantly addressed this issue by incorporating an Auto KYC feature directly into our CRM. This innovative tool automatically sends out reminder emails to our customers as their KYC expiration dates approach. These reminders prompt customers to renew their KYC information independently. Upon receiving these reminder emails, clients can seamlessly update their KYC documents and upload them directly into our system using personalized credentials. This revolutionary feature not only minimizes the need for extensive email exchanges between clients and our data management team but also significantly reduces the time and effort required to collect and store customer KYC documents within our CRM.
Bianca Andrus
Great accounting and CRM software! Very helpful support team. It is so productive to have just one system that does everything for our accountancy practice.
Robert Vacarusi
All modules are so nicely integrated that I no longer need 5 different software to do the bookkeeping, payroll, CRM, final accounts and self assessments.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nomi CRM

Got questions about how Nomi CRM can transform your accounting practice? You’re not alone. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

  • What is Nomi CRM?
    Nomi CRM is a customer relationship management tool designed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers. It helps manage client relationships, tasks, deadlines, and automate processes like quotes, LOEs, and KYC checks to save time and increase efficiency.
  • How can Nomi CRM improve my accounting practice?
    Nomi CRM streamlines your practice by saving you time in onboarding, task management, and automating standard processes. This allows you to focus more on strategic tasks and growing your practice.
  • Can Nomi CRM help me save time on onboarding new clients?
    Yes, with Nomi CRM, you can save up to 3 hours per new client in the onboarding process. That's an incredible 30 days a year if you onboard just 5 new clients per week!
  • How does Nomi CRM assist with quote and LOE generation?
    Nomi CRM allows you to generate quotes and Letters of Engagement in minutes, reducing the typical time spent on these tasks. It takes into account your pricing structure and the services required by the client.
  • Does Nomi CRM offer KYC checks?
    Yes, Nomi CRM provides automatic KYC checks as part of its features, making compliance checks easy and swift.
  • Can Nomi CRM integrate with other systems?
    Nomi CRM is designed to integrate seamlessly with other modules within the Nomi suite, providing a holistic solution for your practice. This helps to ensure data consistency and reduce manual data entry.
  • How secure is Nomi CRM?
    At Nomi, we take data security seriously. Our CRM platform uses industry-standard encryption and secure protocols to ensure that your data and your clients' data is always safe and secure.
  • Do you offer customer support for Nomi CRM?
    Absolutely! We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer support. We're here to assist you with any queries or issues you may have with Nomi CRM.
  • Can I try Nomi CRM before deciding to purchase?
    Yes, we offer a free trial of Nomi CRM. It's a great way to see how our CRM tool can benefit your practice before making a commitment.