DNS Accountants – Bournemouth

DNS Accountants in Bournemouth is a renowned online accounting firm that stands out for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Established in 2005 by Sumit Agarwal, DNS Accountants has swiftly grown to become a prominent player in the industry. The firm’s success story includes the development of its own cutting-edge online accounting software and strategic expansions through acquisitions, showcasing a dedication to staying at the forefront of accounting technology and services.

Recognised for its outstanding performance, DNS Accountants garnered significant acclaim at The British Accountancy Awards in 2013, where it was nominated for multiple prestigious awards. Among these nominations, DNS Accountants clinched the title of Online Accountant of the Year, solidifying its position as a top-tier online accounting service provider in the UK.

As a trusted partner for businesses and individuals in Bournemouth, DNS Accountants offers a comprehensive suite of accounting services tailored to meet diverse financial needs. From expert bookkeeping to strategic tax planning and efficient payroll services, DNS Accountants excels in delivering personalised solutions to help clients achieve their financial objectives with confidence.

For unparalleled accounting expertise and a personalised approach to financial management, reach out to DNS Accountants today. Discover how our dedicated team can support you in navigating the complexities of finance and empower you to make informed decisions for a secure financial future.


  • Bookkeeping Cleanup
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Sole Trader Accounting
  • Self Employed Accounting
  • Accounting
  • Business Planning
  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • Limited Company Accounting

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