Nomi Partnership Tax Demo

6 Mar 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive software demonstration of Nomi Partnership Tax! We’ll go over the key features and capabilities of Nomi Partnership Tax in this video. This software is intended to make tax preparation easier and more efficient for partnerships of all kinds.

Nomi Partnership Tax makes partnership tax management easy and efficient. This program provides a comprehensive solution that is specifically designed to fulfill the demands of partnerships, from managing financial data to producing accurate tax returns.

In this demonstration, you’ll get information about how to:

  1. Create a partnership profile and personalize the settings.
  2. Financial data can be easily imported from a variety of sources.
  3. Use the user-friendly UI to enter partnership details.
  4. Make use of the integrated tools to distribute income, credits, and deductions among partners.
  5. Produce accurate and simple IRS-ready tax forms, such as Schedule K-1.
  6. Get comprehensive reporting features to learn more about partnership tax obligations.

Nomi Partnership Tax is the answer you’ve been looking for, whether you’re a partnership trying to optimize your tax workflow or a tax expert looking for a dependable tool for your clients.

Come learn about the features and advantages of Nomi Partnership Tax and how it can completely change the way you manage partnership taxes. Watch now to avoid missing this chance to make tax season easier!

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Nomi?
    Nomi is the ultimate cloud accounting software for small business owners and their accountants. It's designed to automate and improve the processes of the everyday bookkeeping and payroll tasks business owners face to increase efficiencies, productivity and profitability. Nomi is every piece of software an accountant could dream of in one! Bookkeeping, payroll, year-end accounts, self-assessments, CRM and so much more! It's quite possibly the most feature-rich cloud-based software on the market for accountants!
  • Are there any hidden fees or costs?
    There really are no hidden costs, we've made our pricing as transparent and easy to understand as possible.
  • How is Nomi interconnected?
    Every module of Nomi is connected, eradicating those awful bad data issues. Bookkeeping data populates self-assessments and final accounts in real-time, payroll journals are automatically posted and data automatically synchronises between each individual module.
  • How many hours does the average practice save per annum?
    As per one of our recent studies, the average accountant saves in excess of 1,500 hours per annum simply from using four of our most powerful features.
  • Is Nomi easy to use?
    Yes, Nomi has been designed with user-friendliness and gamification in mind, to make doing bookkeeping and accounts fun!
  • Is Nomi MTD ready?
    Yes, Nomi is a HMRC recognised VAT software provider. VAT returns are automatically produced based on bookkeeping entries made, making it easier than ever to meet your compliance requirements.
  • Where are Nomi's servers based?
    We use Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS. Our servers are based in London and backed up in multiple locations.
  • How much does Nomi cost?
    Each module has it's own price and it varies based on the number of clients or staff members are being used within each individual module. For a detailed breakdown of price, please visit our dedicated pricing page by using the website navigation bar.