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Brilliant software with CRM and Accountancy software all in one place. Nomisma support staff really helpful. Highly recommend!
I have been in this industry for many years and have used every kind of software out there. I stumbled on Nomisma by chance when I opened my practice, looking for cost-effective start-up practice software - without realizing that I didn't need different software packages to do everything. Nomisma was my one-stop solution, I was amazed, and after using it, I am still amazed!
One of the best companies to build real relationships with. The support is second to none and very inclusive of your needs. Despite the current lack of integrations like you have with Xero, so far Nomisma has won over some very stubborn sage clients of mine that have refused to move for years. I am looking forward to continuing to grow my practice alongside this wonderful company!

See Nomisma in action

See Nomisma in action