"Nomisma has won over some very stubborn Sage clients of mine that have refused to move for years. I am looking forward to continuing to grow my practice alongside this wonderful company!"

Our Integrations

We work with some of the largest companies in the world building revolutionary solutions to some of the most common problems accountants, bookkeepers and business owners face.

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Bookkeeping & VAT

Bookkeeping software for bookkeepers & accountants

£5.00 per business, per month

Cloud-based bookkeeping software that helps business owners grow, get on top of their finances, make better financial decisions, collaborate with their accountant or bookkeeper and build more profitable businesses. The monthly fee includes linked final accounts, corporation tax and self-assessment submissions. Save more than 80% on software fees in comparison to the same Xero cloud package.

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Mobile application

Mobile application

Run your entire business from your pocket. Raise sales invoices, chase customers for payment, snap pictures of receipts and much more. Available on both Apple and Android.
Bank feeds

Bank feeds

Connect Nomisma to your bank account and pull through all transactions on a daily basis. Combined with our bank rules, you can save a significant amount of time performing bank reconciliations.

VAT MTD ready

Nomisma is officially MTD compliant, meaning you can submit VAT returns directly to HMRC without having to leave the software. Simply perform your bookkeeping, review the VAT return and hit submit.
Receipt Capture & OCR

Receipt capture & OCR

All pictures of receipts captured using our mobile app are instantly processed by our optical character recognition software and uploaded to Nomisma ready for bookkeeping. Think of it as your very own virtual assistant.
Nomi Bookkeeping Dashboard
Nomi Bookkeeping Unreconciled Bank Transactions Page
Final accounts & corporation tax

Final accounts & corporation tax software for accountants & bookkeepers

From £2.00 per submission

We’ve automated final accounts and corporation tax returns based on bookkeeping entries, just review, make any adjustments to notes and file directly to HMRC and Companies House. Alternatively, it can be used as a standalone module by simply uploading a trial balance from another accounting software.

Nomisma also integrates with Xero, allowing to pull through trial balance data in order to produce year-end accounts and corporation tax returns.


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Nomi Final Accounts Software Dashboard
Nomi Final Accounts Dashboard

Payroll software for accountants, bookkeepers & payroll bureaux

£3.00 per business, per month

Submit EPS, FPS and P11D to HMRC, file pensions directly to the most popular pension providers and provide your clients with their very own employee payslip portal.

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Nomi Payroll Software dashboard
Payroll Software

Automated payroll

Perfect for director only submissions. Set your pay schedule for the year, turn on automation and Nomisma will automatically file the FPS/EPS, post journals to bookkeeping, send payslips to employees and the employer's summary to the main contact.
Payslip Portals

Payslip portals

The ultimate tool for employer and employee self-service, by using our mobile app or our web application, employers and employees can download their payslips, P60s and P45s, as well as gain quick access to useful reports.
Tax Code Downloads

Tax code downloads

Download tax codes for your entire client base from HMRC with a single click. Review and apply updated tax codes in bulk, save hours of tedious admin and remove the need to wait for paper notices.
CRM & onboarding

CRM & onboarding software for accountants & bookkeepers

£29.00 per user, per month

Nomisma’s CRM is a specialist system designed for accountants and bookkeepers. It’s ready to go out of the box with an extremely simple setup process. Within half an hour you could be generating quotes with our built-in pricing matrix, creating letters of engagement with a single click ready to send for eSignature, followed by an end-to-end onboarding process. Find out why UK accountants and bookkeepers love Nomisma.

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Manage Leads

Manage leads

Keep track of all leads, their lead sources and last activity time. Send mass email and SMS. Nurture your leads with ease and increase your conversion rates.
Bookkeeping Software

Value-based pricing

Pre-set and ready to use based on market research but completely customisable. Use our menu pricing system and pricing drivers to create a custom quote for leads and clients.
End-to-end Onboarding

End-to-end onboarding

Digital AML check, 64-8 agent authorisation, professional clearance, compliance data gathering and software profile setup. Reduce onboarding time and errors.
Client Management

Client management

Where Nomisma is designed for practice, it's pre-built with every data field you could require. An AML history to meet your compliance needs, a client portal, email and SMS timeline, plus so much more.
Optional module

Company secretarial

£0.30 per business, per month

An optional add-on to Nomisma CRM, our company secretarial software seamlessly synchronises with Companies House, keeping your company data current. You can also:

  • Incorporate new limited companies
  • File confirmation statements
  • Manage officer records, including appointments and terminations
  • Manage shareholder registers
  • Produce statutory documents
  • Manage workflow, deadlines & tasks
Nomi CRM software lead dashboard

What our partners think

Lina @ Money Valley UK
Brilliant software for Self Assessment. I have been working in tax for 16 years. Nomisma is great for accountancy firms as the cost is very low in comparison with functionality. It beats IRIS or Tax Calc in my personal opinion!
Ken James
An excellent accounting software providing a complete end to end package. Everything is integrated saving time. Whenever I have had an issue, the support has been outstanding (and patient!). Being constantly updated to offer improvements and actively listen to the feedback from their users. Could not be happier.
Raj Rudran @ AGS Ltd
Nomisma support team is truly outstanding. Having experienced "support" from various 3rd party software support teams in the past, Nomisma is a breath of fresh air. They were easy to access, patiently walked through the process and above all proactively checked our HMRC submission results. In fact, our submission failed due to some technical incompatibility. Before we even noticed, Nomisma called and corrected the problem. Very good service indeed.
Tracy Wilson @ HappyCareOne
I love the fact I'm able to manage my entire business from my phone. I create and send sales invoices to my customers on site and send them instantly using WhatsApp. Then for my accountant, I upload pictures of all of my receipts which is so easy to do!
Claire Cridland @ CLC Bookkeeping
One of the best companies to build real relationships with. The support is second to none and very inclusive of your needs. I've found the team to be able to help me with random needs that just don't exist anywhere else in a platform, I'm not saying they can do everything you want, but you can certainly ask! Nomisma isn't like any platform I've seen so far to date, it's certainly quirky and futuristic, but you'll grow to love it as I do. Despite the current lack of integrations like you have with Xero, so far Nomisma has won over some very stubborn sage clients of mine that have refused to move for years. I am looking forward to continuing to grow my practice alongside this wonderful company!
Jonathan Davies @ Davies-Burrell & Co
Nomisma is quite simply the best cloud accounting package I've seen or worked with. Everything you need is included where other packages have add-on modules. The support is second to none and the whole team is friendly, approachable and helpful. It's a one-stop facility for accountants and I only wish I'd discovered sooner and saved myself time, hassle and money with other systems.

Fast track onboarding for Xero users

We’ve made the switch simple for UK accounting and bookkeeping practice making the switch from Xero products, so you can get on with your business quickly.

Our customer success team will help you with data migration, for free. Just ask about Nomisma’s data migration service when signing up.

Nomi Self-Assessment Dashboard and Mobile App

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Nomisma?
    Nomisma is the ultimate cloud accounting software for small business owners and their accountants. It's designed to automate and improve the processes of the everyday bookkeeping and payroll tasks business owners face to increase efficiencies, productivity and profitability. Nomisma is every piece of software an accountant could dream of in one! Bookkeeping, payroll, year-end accounts, self-assessments, CRM and so much more! It's quite possibly the most feature-rich cloud-based software on the market for accountants!
  • Are there any hidden fees or costs?
    There really are no hidden costs, we've made our pricing as transparent and easy to understand as possible.
  • How is Nomisma interconnected?
    Every module of Nomisma is connected, eradicating those awful bad data issues. Bookkeeping data populates self-assessments and final accounts in real-time, payroll journals are automatically posted and data automatically synchronises between each individual module.
  • Is Nomisma MTD ready?
    Yes, Nomisma is a HMRC recognised VAT software provider. VAT returns are automatically produced based on bookkeeping entries made, making it easier than ever to meet your compliance requirements. In fact, thanks to the fact all of our modules are completely interconnected, we're already well-positioned for the rollout of ITSA and CT MTD.
  • How much does Nomisma cost?
    Each module has it's own price and it varies based on the number of clients or staff members are being used within each individual module. For a detailed breakdown of price, please visit our our pricing page.
  • Why switch from Xero?
    Many UK accounting and bookkeeping practices are making the switch from Xero to Nomisma. The most common reason is our pricing is much better suited for ALL of their clients, rather than just the top-end ones, with our cloud-based bookkeeping just £5+VAT per month, with Xero's equivalent priced at £33+VAT per month.

    Also, the key difference between the two is that Nomisma is designed for UK accounting and bookkeeping practices from day one. Whereas Xero, for business clients with accountants and clients as an afterthought.