Get your clients MTD ready for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription!

Would you like to find a bookkeeping package, which enables you to move any type of client into a cloud solution? One which is cost-efficient, regardless of the size of the client you’re working with?

At Nomisma, we have spoken with ICB members who, to save on costs, initially only put their larger clients on well-known cloud bookkeeping packages. Whilst others believe some of their clients are “too small” for a big-name package and, therefore, don’t warrant the cost.

However, having the flexibility to choose which of your clients to move to a cloud-based platform, Nomisma, you reduce manual work and increase your business’ efficiency. You’ll also benefit from having more time to grow your business and find new ways to provide even more VALUE to your clients.

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    What our customers think

    Lina @ Money Valley UK
    Brilliant software for self-assessment. I have been working in tax for 16 years. Nomisma is great for accountancy firms as the cost is very low in comparison with functionality. It beats IRIS or TaxCalc in my personal opinion!
    Ken James
    An excellent accounting software providing a complete end to end package. Everything is integrated saving time. Whenever I have had an issue, the support has been outstanding (and patient!). Being constantly updated to offer improvements and actively listen to the feedback from their users. Could not be happier.
    I've been using Nomisma Practice Suite Software for a year now and I would say it's a good software. But it has only one drawback which is lack of direct integration with Dext/Receipt Bank and HubDoc.. Overall this is great software.
    Raj Rudran @ AGS Ltd
    Nomisma support team is truly outstanding. Having experienced "support" from various 3rd party software support teams in the past, Nomisma is a breath of fresh air. They were easy to access, patiently walked through the process and above all proactively checked our HMRC submission results. In fact, our submission failed due to some technical incompatibility. Before we even noticed, Nomisma called and corrected the problem. Very good service indeed.
    Janine Hanson
    Great software, delivers exactly wheat it says it can do! Really good support- either email or phone....
    I love the fact I'm able to manage my entire business from my phone. I create and send sales invoices to my customers on site and send them instantly using WhatsApp. Then for my accountant, I upload pictures of all of my receipts which is so easy to do!
    Dean @ BrandMeadow
    Nomisma is the backbone to my business. The software and service is second to none. Without Nomisma my business would not be as successful.
    Claire Cridland @ CLC Bookkeeping
    One of the best companies to build real relationships with. The support is second to none and very inclusive of your needs. I've found the team to be able to help me with random needs that just don't exist anywhere else in a platform, I'm not saying they can do everything you want, but you can certainly ask! Nomisma isn't like any platform I've seen so far to date, it's certainly quirky and futuristic, but you'll grow to love it as I do. Despite the current lack of integrations like you have with Xero, so far Nomisma has won over some very stubborn sage clients of mine that have refused to move for years. I am looking forward to continuing to grow my practice alongside this wonderful company!
    Joshua Lockwood @ Lockwood & Co
    Originally started using this software just as a test to compare against the current software I was using. I will now be using this software going forward for all of my clients. The few problems I have had, have been resolved in a very quick manner of time through the team at nomisma. I am very impressed, to say the least, the new self-assessment layout is amazing as well. Highly recommended.
    Kathryn Barker @ Horridge & Lever
    We feel at Horridge and Lever we have 'grown' with the software, using it now for 18 months and love the fact that all modules are under the 'one roof', as it were. The customer service is great, generally, everything gets resolved in less than 2 days and they always acknowledge your query and come back to you taking on board any new suggestions or ideas too. We look forward to continuing to work with Nomisma and all the new features it will have to offer.
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